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Welcome to, The mission of is to aid business in the town of Irondequoit New York. We achieve this by working with business and Irondequoit local government to increase exposure of our members on the internet.

Irondequoit Biz supports many business that supply services and goods such as retailers, web development, realtors, doctors offices, education materials and books, Rochester home inspections.

Sal Morello One-stop source for real estate services covering the Rochester and Monroe County and outlying areas of the Eastside.

Problem Solving Analysis Think Reliability are specialists in applying root cause analysis to solve all types of problems. They investigate errors, defects, failures, losses, outages and incidents in a wide variety of industries

Ronzo Dental, Irondequoit, Greece, Webster and Rochester with Dental and Dentist Services

SAW Environmental Services Inc.
Intelligent solutions for a changing world
SAW Environmental Services is a locally owned, full spectrum environmental services firm. We specialize in meeting the needs of business, industry, agriculture and homeowners in addressing today's ever changing environmental issues

Rochester Product Liability Attorneys
Faraci Lange has represented thousands of defective product victims
A manufacturer or seller of a defective product may be liable to a person injured as a result of that defect. This branch of personal injury law is called "products liability."

Rochester Auto Injury Attorneys
An automobile accident is sometimes a simple routine case or at times can be a very complex matter. It all depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, types of insurance coverage available, whether an accident reconstruction expert needs to be retained and whether the case also involves defects in the cars involved

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Rochester Injury Attorneys
Faraci Lange has represented thousands of accident victims those who have been in car accidents and pedestrians who have been hit by automobiles.

Wulfs Chimneys
Wulfs Chimney Inspects, Cleans, and Repairs Chimneys in Rochester, Fireplaces, and Vents. We repair all types of brick, block, and stone chimneys including tuck pointing, new crowns, and rebuilds. 13 Years experience, we are fully insured, and give free estimates

Teacher Learning Center
Take a break, download our quarterly editorial, obtain practical "tips" for the classroom, find out what others have to say about Discipline Associates and its' eduaction programs.

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